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1. How do I upload photos for my main photo and my Bio Profile ?

If you missed or skiped the "upload your photo" in the sign up step, then read the following upload photo instructions.

When you sign on to your PeoplePoP.com account , click on " upload_photos " on the left hand side. Then click on 'Browse file' and pick a photo.

 When the photo is uploaded you can choose to make it your main photo if there is more than one photo you will upload.

 To upload photos to your profile Bio, you can click on " Edit profile " to the left and you can paste a photo in any box of your choice.

Example; any box that states: Headline: , About Me: , Interests: or Music: etc.; any box at all in your " Edit profile Boi section. Just copy and paste it in any box on your boi profile page.


2. How do I upload videos ?

 There are two basic ways to upload videos.

A. You can click on the video tab on the navigation bar at the top of the page, and then click on upload videos.


B. To upload videos directly to the Wall, click on " video " , right above the, " Whats On Your Mind" Box, . Then click on " Upload From Video Websites " .

 To upload video's from Youtube.com for examlpe ; go to Youtube.com.

Find a video you like, then on top of the page, copy the youtube.com video address, in the Address Box , and paste it to the PeoplePoP.Com wall in the " Upload From Video Websites " Box.

To summarize video upload:

 After you find a video you like on YouTube.com for example, copy the the video youtube.com address at the top of the page.

Then to upload the video to the PeoplePoP.com wall, go to the peoelpPoP.com wall , click on " video ", above the " Whats On Your Mind Box " , then click on " Upload From Video Websites " , and finally Paste the Youtube.com video address into the " Whats On Your Mind " box and click " Share " .


3. How do I send a Friend request ?

There are two basic ways to send a Friend request:

A. click on " People You May Know " on right side of the wall.

B. Click on the Browse button at the top of the page in the navigation bar. When you see someone you would like to send a Friend Request , click on thier photo then click on " ADD TO FRIENDS " ; below in thier profile.


4. How do I get my free movie tickets and gifts ?

Call customer service at 212-281-5249, Leave a message and your member ID. number. Customer service will contact you to verify your info. and send you your free movie ticket.


5. How do I add my comment after I type it in the field box on the wall members page, when I want to comment on someones posting or photo ? You type in the comment box and press your Enter Key on your Key Board. P>






We feel that mandatory background screenings are an invasion of privacy and that submitting to one should be a matter of choice.

Criminal background screenings are not perfect and may give members a false sense of security.

PeoplePoP.Com highly recommends that all members read and abide by our safety advice BELOW.

By clicking 'Continue', you acknowledge that PeoplePoP.Com does not conduct criminal background screenings on its members



Dating Safety Advice

PeoplePoP.Com strives to provide a safe and pleasant meeting environment; a place where long lasting and important relationships can be forged and maintained. Our work though can only go so far, as in the end, your own decisions and actions are your best form of security. Just like meeting people offline, online dating involves the use of sound judgement, common sense and trust.

Here are some safety tips to help you help yourself.

  1. Take it slow, for only fools rush in
  2. Keep on talking in the PeoplePoP.Com 
  3. Protect your contact info
  4. Do not be afraid to ask questions
  5. Watch out for some signs of trouble
  6. Request a photo
  7. Move the chat to the Phone
  8. Do not get pressured into meeting
  9. Make plans to meet somewhere safe
  1. Take it slow, for only fools rush in
    Though everyone wants to believe in an instant true love, the reality is that relationships are rarely forged this way. Trust and respect, after all, have to be earned. So even though online dating can speed up the meeting process, it is no reason to throw all your inhibitions and better judgement away. If someone seems too good to be true, they probably are. Look out for behaviour you might find bothersome or strange, and take the time to discover people’s true nature. This way, you can avoid any uncomfortable or awkward situations.
  2. Keep on talking in PeoplePoP.Com
    Initially, it is a good idea to restrict all contact with other members to our PeoplePoP.Com system. In fact, it is even prudent to be suspicious of people who immediately ask you to move the chat elsewhere. The reason is that by moving to foreign chat and email systems, scammers and fraudsters can avoid having their activities and actions tracked. Keeping your communication on PeoplePoP.Com will allow you a measure of security while you get your feet wet.
  3. Protect your contact info
    People will often ask for your personal contact info, but please be wary of members who do this at the onset of communication. While you will eventually want to share this with someone you trust, make sure you do not rush into anything you are not sure of. Your last name, phone number, personal email, home or work address are all sensitive, and may put you in danger if given to the wrong person. For this reason, we strongly advise against posting such info on your profile, or in emails to strangers.
  4. Do not be afraid to ask questions
    The beauty of meeting someone online is that you never have to be uncomfortable. If you feel something is amiss, you can “walk” away and leave it at that. However, you will never know for sure unless you ask questions that move beyond typical chit chat. Finding out as much as you can is the best way to avoid surprises later on. Take it gradually and play it cool; after all, you don’t want to scare people away. But don’t be afraid to learn as much as you can.
  5. Watch out for some signs of trouble
    When talking to someone you do not know, be wary of displays of anger or frustration as these may be signs of the person’s character. You should also be on guard if a person refuses to answer questions, talk on the phone or if they contradict information they have already provided, either in chats or on their profile. By keeping an eye out for these signs of trouble, you may avoid a sticky situation later on.
  6. Request a photo
    A photograph will teach you a lot about a person, and can often compliment or contradict what they have told you. This is especially true in the case of people with multiple photos in different settings and situations. Here you may pick up on the person’s “unsaid” qualities: their character traits, sense of humour, and family life. For these reasons, you should never feel shy about asking for pictures. In fact, if a person refuses to supply one, you would be right to think they were hiding something. With the proliferation of digital cameras, it should be easy for people to have access to a photograph.
  7. Move the chat to the Phone
    Once you have started to feel completely comfortable with someone, you may want to move the chat to the phone. Actually hearing a person’s voice will tell you a lot about the way a person is, how he or she acts, laughs and jokes. As a precaution though, it might be prudent to initially share only your cell phone number, and or using certain blocking techniques to avoid appearing on a call display. It is never a good idea to give a stranger your phone number, and it is against our terms of use to have this information displayed on your profile.
  8. Do not get pressured into meeting
    Once you have made the jump from chatting to phone conversations, you will want to meet the person you are communicating with in the flesh. While this is the natural progression for relationships that begin online, make sure to meet only when you are ready. Do not allow yourself to be pressured into meeting anyone if you are uncomfortable or unsure. We recommend breaking communication with someone if you feel they are pressuring you. Remember, you are never obligated to meet anyone.
  9. Make plans to meet somewhere safe
    Meeting anyone for the first time can be a stressful situation. To make it easier on you, we suggest finding and selecting a place where you feel comfortable and safe. This can be a neighbourhood restaurant or cafe you frequent often, or any other place that you are used to. If this is not possible, it is a good idea to choose a neutral public place, preferably where there are a lot of people. For your own safety, never agree to be picked up at your home, always provide your own transportation to and from your date, and also tell friends and family where you are going and when you will return.

In matters of love and romance, there will always be complications and risks. This is the offline reality of life, and in the online dating world, the same rules apply. You will find that while most people are honest and trustworthy, there are unfortunately always going to be those who feel the need to lie, cheat, and scam. A little prudence and care however, can go a long way. Good luck and have fun!



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 Create  backgrounds for your profile  

Backgrounds & layouts for your profile background.

Very cool !  

Click on link below , after reading the following: 

After you click on link below, take a look at different

types of Backgrounds your interrested in, then 

double click and highlight computer code next to a

background you want. Then right click and copy

computer code and go back to your 

My Arrangement Games.com profile

( make sure you are Signed ON ) & past the code 

in any text box on your "Edit/Profile" page.

Fanily click on "view my profile" and get blown away

by your new Background !

Note: if the background dose not display because your profile states Private friends only, Make sure you have a Date of birth of at least 18 yr.s of age or more, entered on your Basic info. page in your profile.

Note: You do not have to download

           anything to your computer.

                  Have fun !


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